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The productivity game for kids who struggle with routines.

kangaroutine is a non-addictive game meant to be played a few minutes per day that motivates children to focus and complete their routines.

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Routines don't have to be a fight.

Easy for parents, fun for kids.

Our focus is on reducing stress on parents by making it fun for children to complete their daily routines.

Setup in minutes

Add daily and weekly routines for your children quickly, with access to our entire library of task and chore icons.

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More productive kids

Our checklist and rewards systems keeps children focused on their tasks, so you don't have to nag anymore.

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Non-addictive gameplay

Designed to be played for only a few minutes a day, children can unlock rewards and collectible animals.

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Why kangaroutine works.

Quick gameplay that makes routines fun.

kangaroutine motivates children to complete their routines through a simple checklist and reward system that parents can setup once and ignore.

Improve focus on tasks
Your child checks off tasks in order to earn decorations and animals they can use to customize their world.
Encourage creativity
Customize the world your animals live in with decorations you can unlock in just a few minutes.
Take care of animals
Over 50 animals your child can take care of without spending all day attached to their screen.
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Gameplay that doesn't distract from your childs tasks.

Your childs tasks and chores always come first, so we don't unlock rewards or gameplay until your child is done with their routine.

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Improve focus with rewards based motivation.

Every time your child completes a routine, they will earn a random reward that can include decorations, animals, and coins to purchase exactly the items they want.

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Encourage creativity through beautiful world design.

Your child uses their decorations and animals to customize their very own world. It's a piece of art they work on for a few minutes every day.

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Frequently asked questions.

We've got answers.

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Affordable plans.

Sanity shouldn't be expensive.

We want kangaroutine to be affordable for every family, because every family deserves a less stressful life.

One Child

Everything kangaroutine has to offer for one child.


Billed annually, cancel yourself anytime

Entire Family

Access for the entire family for one low price.


Billed annually, cancel yourself anytime
The Kremer Family at Disney

We built kangaroutine to help our own kids get out the door on time in the mornings with less stress and handholding (...and repeating ourselves). It worked for us, so we want to share it with you!

The Kremer Family

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Stress free mornings with kangaroutine.

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